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A castle in Bergen aan Zee​

The history of the house on the Russenduin

Summer house on 't Russenduin

Landgoed Huize Glory was built as a summer residence for August Janssen, who belonged to a wealthy family. The first stone was laid in 1916. He found inspiration in the Amsterdam School. The main building on top of the Russenduin had to resemble a castle.

Construction of this villa on top of the Russenduin started in 1916. Mr. August Janssen bought the Russenduin (13 hectares) from the Van Reenen family.

Stained glass​

The stained glass windows are made in the Bogtman studio. In the door to the restaurant and at the staircase in the main hall are stained glass windows, depicting the battle of Mons in 1799. In 1799 battles took place here between the English and the Russians on the one hand and the French and the Dutch on the other. At that time, the Netherlands was under the influence of France after the revolution and of Napoleon, who later crowned himself emperor. As France was preparing an invasion of England, the English counterattacked along with the Russians. The then stadtholder Prince William V of Orange also fled to England in 1795. The battle was won by the Dutch and French.

The tower

A panoramic view over the Noord-Holland nature reserve of Bergen aan Zee. The tower is to the right of center. This watchtower was originally lower and was raised during the German occupation to serve as a radio and watchtower. In 1943 a fire broke out in the tower, but fortunately the damage was limited.

During your stay in our hotel or as a restaurant guest, you can visit the tower between 12:00 and 14:00.

Bio vakantieoord

In 1930, the villa on the Russenduin was purchased by the Bio Vacantieoord Foundation. After several years of renovation, the house was ready in 1933 to receive the first pale noses. They could recuperate here for 6 weeks.

In 1930 the Bio-Vacantieoord Foundation bought the house. The holiday colony was opened in 1933. Many poor children from all over the Netherlands have come to recover here. After the war, the house was used again as a holiday colony home. At that time there was a lot of collecting in the cinemas. The children were given a fixed program of rest, cleanliness and regularity and, above all, had to gain weight.

Maria Smook-Krikke

During your stay, don’t forget to leaf through the booklet ‘A castle in Bergen aan Zee’. It tells the unique and special story of the origin and history of what is now Huize Glory. The booklet is for sale for €15.00 at the reception.