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Estate Huize Glory

In 1916 the construction of this villa was started on top of the Russenduin. Mr August Janssen bought the Russenduin (13 hectares) from the Van Reenen family. He was a wealthy tea importer from Baarn and needed a summer house here in Bergen aan Zee. People have been working on construction for more than a year. It was designed by architects Van Gendt, according to the principles of the Amsterdam School. The building material was supplied by the steam tramlet Bello and then had to be brought up by horse and wagon. Many luxury materials were used, tile tableaux, marble, carvings and stained-glass windows The tiles came from the manufacturer Heystee and the windows from the Bogtman workshop (also a peace church).

In 1930 the Bio-Vakantieoord Foundation bought the house. In 1933 the holiday colony was opened. Many poor children from the city have come to strengthen here. During the German occupation the tower was raised to serve as a radio and watch tower. In 1943 a fire broke out in the tower, but fortunately the damage was limited. After the war the house was reused as a holiday colony. There was a lot of collection in the cinemas at that time. The children received a fixed program of rest, cleanliness and regularity and had to arrive mainly in weight. In 1972, the SVK Foundation took over the summer residence and initially got it as a religious study center for people from different religious backgrounds. Due to the high costs of maintaining this property, rooms and apartments have been rented since 1986. Many original details have been preserved in the house. These can still be viewed at this time. Also from the tower one has a beautiful view in clear weather!

Glory House has been a national monument since 2000.

Your stay

Because of the unique location of the estate, situated in the middle of a forest, on top of one the highest dunes of the Netherlands, having a holiday at Huize Glory is a sheer joy! Here you can enjoy both the sea view and the delicious homemade food in our restaurant.

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There is plenty to do on our estate. Enjoy the art and the culture in the surroundings.

We are nearby Amsterdam, Alkmaar, Heerhugowaard, Hoorn and Harlem

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Special Moments

Getting married? Celebrate your birthday? Congratulations! Huize Glory offers you a range of possibilities for a perfect day. All your ideas and plans can be discussed and a suitable offer will be made. Please contact us:

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Architecture: The Villa was built in 1916 and shows many aspects of the Amsterdam School-architecture. Want to read more about the history of Huize Glory?

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