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Welcome to our estate

Nearby Amsterdam, free parking at the hotel, Competitive prices

Can we help you? Please contact us for more information:

(+31)72 581 37 41 (Reception)

(+31)72 581 53 96 (Restaurant)


Reception daily open from 9.00 – 17.00 hour

Restaurant daily open from 11.00 hour – 17.00 hour


For the entire overview of events, sights, routes, accommodations, restaurants and shops visit the website of the Alkmaar Tourist Office, . For an overview of the whole region we advise you to also visit

The Tourist Information Office is open from Monday through Saturday. During the tourist season VVV Alkmaar will also be open on Sundays. When the shop is closed, refer to the mobile website for information about events, hotel opportunities, and tourist information.


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