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What to do during your stay

Since mid-June, Huize Glory has an official exhibition space.

Jet Kat has taken care of the art exhibition in the restaurant and the corridors. Jet Kat, herself a visual artist, worked as a zzper in a gallery in the Nieuwe Spiegelstraat and had two galleries of her own.

She wants affordable contemporary, lyrical art with a classic look, because she thinks it fits the atmosphere of the estate and the building.

The exhibition will be on display with us until mid-October:


Roos de Waal with women’s portraits painted after Mattisse, Sluiters and van Dongen. Click here for CV Roos de Waal

Maeve Preece, an intuitively poetic painter, with flower paintings. Click here for CV Maeve Preece

Ton Söder, painter and cinematographer, exhibits some of his bird paintings. Click here for CV Ton Söder

Jet Kat exhibits her “Unidentified Hanging Objects” or the Wall Jewels of the Queen of Sheba. Click here for CV Jet Kat